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At Navito Morel LLC., we believe that the simplest of things bring forth elegance. Beauty in many terms can define a person’s characteristics and being. For that reason we are very proud of all our products that are there to enhance men's  and women's aesthetics.

Barber shop 1990
Barber shop
Navito Morel

Navito Morel is a third-generation barber with more than 25 years of experience in the cosmetology industry. He has been studied in the arts of hair design, skin treatment, and even in the personal care of one’s body. His longest reign was in the well-being of men and woman hair, making him embark on a journey to produce the right product for all men and women.

Our products are made for the classic and modern men and woman that are willing to take care of their image. This product will enhance one of the important fundamental of life which is liberty to express themselves. To make you feel confident about yourself in times needed and to increase your aesthetics while doing so, that is what our products are for.

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